What if it was Easy to Find Love and Friendship?

More than three decades ago I began thinking about how computers and networks could change a person’s life.  At that time my daughter was just a baby.  I looked back on my own troubled relationships and wondered if there might be social technology to make her own search for love easier.  Years later, when it the World Wide Web was opened for public use, I put up a web page in which I asked people to “Imagine a world in which it was easy to find love and friendship.”

There are now some online services such as eHarmony.com and Match.com which offer people some hope of finding love without depending on chance encounters in bars or supermarkets.  I am suspicious of these services, which I think unreliable, but I do think a very careful use of them might help.  What they offer is nothing at all like what I envisioned decades ago.  They are much much worse than what I propose now.

If you’ve come to this site seeking help finding someone, the most you will get is some advice about using existing service.  The real purpose of the site is to ask for your help in implementing the vision of a world in which it is truly easy to find love and friendship.

Another issue is joining with highly compatible people to share the pleasures of working in a tight-knit organization, whether it be a job or volunteer work.  What you share with these people is a common social environment, and the workplace relationships you develop there can be almost as important as people you choose only for love and friendship.  The problem of creating a tight-knit meta-cause or meta-organization to help create and run other non-governmental organizations may be of some interest to you.

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