This is part of a serious attempt to make society work, but in this case it is intended as something which will benefit society as a whole by improving the lives of individuals.  More important than any other factor is our interpersonal relationships — our love life.


Please look at the page about bipartite matching of people for romantic liaisons, which imagines a small group of eight heterosexual people, eight men and eight women, discussing the various matches which might be made between them.  There are 24 different ways of matching up those people.  Some are terrible.  A few are good for some of the people but leave others with poor matches, and a very few leave everyone more or less satisfied.  That is really the best solution, and as the number of candidates increases, the advantages of a fair compromise increases as well, so that in a medium to large city it is really no compromise at all.

Please also look at the page about what society might be like if it was easy to find love and friendship.